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16th Apirl 2007 Review....

ufff...where should i start *lol* Ok let's go.
I got up very early, at 7 o'clock (that's very early for me in my holidays lol). Then I took a shower and after that I ate my breakfast, not really much, because I was a bit to nervous. First time that I'll travel by myself. I was a bit to fast on this morning. I checked out if I have all important things in my Hand Baggage, like my ID Card, Mobile phone, Booking Number for my Flight, Ticket for the Train to Zurich Airport, etc...and don't forget my Money lol and the Concert Tickets for the Westlife Concerts. And then I checked out my Suitcase, and all was ok. It was 10:30am and only 30 minutes to go. At 11 o'clock I left my home, said goodbye to my Grand-Mum and my crazy Cat and went to the Trainstation with my Baggage. I was to early like everytime at this day *lol*, but better to early as to late right?! At 11:23 arrived my Train to Bern. Then I arrived in Bern at 11:43 and went down for bought a Zero Coke and some other stuff, like Luck fate (?) with the name "Crossword" for the Train ride to Zurich Airport. I checked out when and where the Train to Zurich Airport depart. Rail 3 at 12:02, haha how nice was that, I arrived with the Train from Wichtrach at this Rail. Ok went up again to this Rail and only one minute and the Train came. How lucky i was today *grrr* I wait at the best place ever lool, in front of the Bistro, sooo nice. Then I must walk a lil bit to the 2nd Class. Then went Up the Stairs with my heavy Suitcase and my Hand Baggage. I found a good place, I thought so, but it was wrong lol. I hope all the time that none came to me, but a chinese man came at my place. He phoned all the time until the arrive in in Zurich Central Station. I was so happy that I have my MP3 Player in my Hand Baggage *lol*. Then he left the Train at Zurich Central Station, but then came so many people in this Train and a woman asked me, if she can sit on my place. And so nice I am I gave her my place, i went to my Suitcase and sit there, because it was only 20 minutes from the Central Station to the Airport.
I arrived on 13:20 at the Airport. Then i searched my Check-In Counter, it was in the Check-In Area 2 and Counter 7. So then i gave my Suitcase and then i must go to the Swissport Counter for pay my Baggage fee of 12.- Swiss Francs (8&euro because i can't pay this online. After i paid that, i got my Boarding Pass. Now I was nearly 2 hours to early. I went back to the shopping Area and ate my normal Menu on Mc Donalds, Mc Chicken Menu Medium with coke. Then i checked out some shops and went to the Arrive Area 1. I have some good Memories from there lol. Met Westlife there at the 22nd December 2005. At 15 o'colck I went to th Passport controll and wait 15 Minutes and then i can go to the gate E. I really can say Zurich Airport is really big and a labirint *lol*. I need the special Train to Gate E. I arrived at this Gate at 15:30 and now again 15 minutes waiting for the Boarding. I took a Football Maganzin at Gate E45 and wait, watin wait. Now it was 16 o'clock and no Boarding. Then the Boarding open and i was the first person in the Plane. I fly with Aer Lingus to Dublin, first time that i fly directly to Dublin. The other times i flight from Geneva to Belfast with Easy-Jet. But i hate Belfast, i have so many bad experiences there. Ok now my flight to Dublin was a bit delayed. It started at 16:30, 20 minutes to late. I have really nice boys next to me. they talked with my and asked me so many question about Ireland, because i said them that this was my third flight to Ireland. The name of the Boy next to me was Manuel and he was really nice and cute *lol*. He told me that they will be in the near from Dublin in a Wellness Hotel for more than one month, they have a job there. The flight was so short, because i can talk with the Boys. We landed in Dublin at 17:25 (irish time) and then walk walk walk to the Passport Controll again and now me and Manuel standed there and ehm "where should we go EU or Non-EU..." Manuel went to the Non EU and myself on the EU lol, I was right *lol*. Then we walked together to the Baggage, but i saw the Westlife Banner and me as Fan must tooke a Picture of them *lol* so i lost my boy *sad* i forgot to ask him for the phone number *really sad*. Ok now i must waiting for my Suitcase. My heavy Suitcase came really fast and great search the Exit and didn't find it *lol* after 10 minutes searching i found it *great*. Then next problem "Where is my best friend Sarah???" wait...then after 5 or 10 minutes she scared me behind me *lol*. I was so happy to see her again after a half year. Now we went to the Bus to Balbriggan, because I'll sleep the first days in Balbriggan by my Au Pair Friend Mone. I waited of a call from her, but she didn't call me. When we were arrived in Balbriggan i phoned Mone with Sarahs phone. And she was at the other end of Balbriggan lol, we left the Bus at the wronge station. What for a day lol. After 30 Minutes waiting came Mone and we went to her House. There became Sarah a call from a Au Pair Family and we wait of her. We want then with the Train to Malahide at 20:14 but we were to late, we lost the Train. The next train was at 22:19 and that was to late, then we saw a Taxi and ask the Drive how much it cost to Malahide and he said "28€" that was to expensiv for us and we searched the Bus Station to Swords. Ok after 5 Minutes we found the Station and the bus came at 20:40. Now our plan was to drive to Swords with this Bus and then search the Bus to Malahide. But the Bus drived a bit a other Route as normal and we lost Swords. Ok then we want left the Bus at the Airport....No chance the bus didn't go to the Airport. Now we didn't know where we were. Then i saw a Dart Station and now we knew we were in the City Center from Dublin. We left the Bus at O'Connell Street and went then to Mc Donalds and after that we went to Davy Byrnes in Grafton Street, better i say near Grafton Street. We stayed there untli 23 o'clock and then we went to the connolly station. Then Mone and me were at home at 2 o'clock and went to bed and sleep lool. What for a special Day that was *lol*....

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